FIMBY is a memoirist blog. My name is Renee Tougas and FIMBY is where I write our family story, with a fountain pen.

This is a blog about the Fun in My Back Yard

My mission for FIMBY is to encourage others to live their own healthy, adventurous and creative life - with beauty and intention. Especially mothers, homemakers and homeschoolers. 

I started blogging the fall of 2004 with no clear purpose or strong intentions except to keep in touch with family. 

Eight years later, looking back on thousands of posts and pictures, and tens of thousands of words written and published, FIMBY reads a little like a book. A book with a lot of sentence fragments and other grammar nightmares.

If FIMBY were a book, these might be the chapters.  

Eight years, eight chapters. Most of these chapters have been written in tandem, they are not necessarily sequential. Some of these chapters are still open. Others have closed as our life has changed and my writing energies have shifted elsewhere. 

(If you're really interested in how to make lip balm, curious how we hang all our laundry, and hike one day a week; or want to know about our season in a 750 sq. foot cabin and why we've been plant-based eaters for over a decade, please see Resources where those parts of the story, and many more, are well documented.)

My life is a tapestry of diverse and colorful threads, many chapters and many stories. FIMBY is where I publish some (not all) of these stories. FIMBY is also my online home, where a welcome mat is out and tea is always steeping. 

Through these many years of blogging things have changed in my home and in my back yard but there are definitely common threads. And as I move forward - in parenting, writing, and living - the message you will read here is the story of our family life

FIMBY is a story of family togetherness, the outdoors, freedom in education and livelihood, beauty, relationship and community, faith, and simplicity - with an emphasis on adventure, creativity and health.

It's about the Fun in My Back Yard.

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