Happy Birthday ~ Happy Summer

We're headed to Vermont today for a fortieth birthday celebration with good friends. Happy Birthday Damien!

Our friends are driving from New Hampshire, we're driving from Montréal. It's been over one year since we saw them last and we can't wait to connect face to face again. Facebook, twitter and blogs are fine but not the same as hanging out in person.

I'm writing up a storm these days in the morning hours - a shoe review (coming to Toe Salad soon), edits on my salad e-book, a sponsored craft post coming next week. Trying to get some writing projects wrapped up before my parents visit next week and our move back home to the Gaspé.

I was going through my photo program looking for photos to go with all this writing and came across these sunset shots from last August. 

Oh, I do love this craft of photography! And I love summer. 

Thought these sunsets paired nicely with these food shots.

Nature and nourishing - two huge themes in my life.

Aren't the reds and purples (and orange, yellow, pink, blue, green, etc. ) of summer simply glorious?

I haven't been publishing much about homeschool these days but there's definitely stuff going on behind the scenes. I'm hoping after we move back to the Gaspé I will wrap up our elementary homeschool curriculum series (I've only been writing that series for almost two years).

This summer I also plan to share our experience with dyslexia and the freedom of writing to communicate (vs. using a writing curriculum).

I'm also scheming a homeschool coaching sale for summer and a rewrite of my coaching page, with testimonials. I'm kind of embarrassed to share all the nice things people write about my coaching. Why is it so hard to share our strengths with the world? 

In the meantime, check out Sarah Small's Carnival of Homeschooling, the Summer Fun Edition. She's pulled together a lot of good homeschool links which should keep you busy for a while. Like you need to be more busy, right?

Happy summer homeschooling. Happy summer colors. Happy Birthday Damien!

20 June 12


Okay, that's spooky. It's my

Okay, that's spooky. It's my husband's birthday today too. Happy Birthday to the both of them! Mine's out on a solo backpacking jaunt to navel gaze while I'm home dealing with the kids and their events (VBS and church stuff). BTW, I'm eagerly awaiting your salad e-book. I suspect it will be my salvation this hot, dry summer.

Very good idea to update your

Very good idea to update your coaching page and include testimonials :) It is wonderful to see/know that you have made a difference in others' lives by using your giftings and simply WHO YOU ARE. Wonderful.

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