Group Homeschool Coaching Session ~ Save the Date!

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There has been a keen interest in my group homeschool coaching idea. So, let's try it together, shall we?

Most of you who contact me for homeschool coaching are just getting started or near the beginning of your homeschool journey. You’re wondering how to navigate all the options available to you in terms of homeschooling styles, curriculum and routines. What about the young ones who can’t sit still or aren’t interested in reading? What should we use for science experiments? What about my partner who is lukewarm to the idea? Etc.

There are many questions and it can be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be.

I’m here to help.

With seven “official” years of homeschooling and children ages thirteen, eleven and nine I’ve personally walked through a lot of the usual elementary years homeschool concerns. Insecurity about our "progress", keeping track of our learning, finding the best resources for our needs, managing laundry, meals and errands, struggling readers, tears about math, reluctant writers, and more.

Let’s get together and talk about your concerns for the early elementary years and getting started with homeschooling.

Homeschooling from the Heart ~ Group Coaching Session

When: Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 12pm EST. That’s 10 am for you Central folks and 9am for Pacific dwellers. That should be doable for all of us.

How: Via the 8th wonder of the world - the Internet of course. This will be a conference call, exact details to be worked out closer to the date. You will need a computer and a high speed internet connection.

Cost: $15 (USD) for one hour.

First Come, First Serve

This group coaching session is limited to 8 participants. 

Use the paypal button below to reserve your spot. This session is now booked. Please contact me if you are interested in a fall session. This deposit is non-refundable, unless I cancel for some unforeseen reason. 

If this session sells out (or maybe that day doesn't work for you) and there is enough interest I am willing to schedule another session two weeks after the first, on Saturday, Sept 8th. I will post more about that if needed.

How will it work?

Once you have sent payment to reserve your spot I will send you an e-mail with further instructions and details. I will be asking for your concerns and questions ahead of time so I can prepare. 

The general topic of this session is "Getting Started", with a focus on homeschooling ages five through eight.

This session is perfect if you are just beginning homeschooling or have started in the past couple years. 

Because this is a group session I cannot go as deep or spend as much time on your personal situation - like I do in one-on-one coaching. But there are typical getting started concerns which can be addressed very well in a group situation. 

I will tailor the session to the specific concerns of the group participants. My aim is to meet your needs, right where you are at. 

What can you expect from me?

Confidentiality, creative ideas and inspiration for your situation, encouragement, and honesty. 

Inspiration, contagious excitement, guidance and direction, these are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think about my experience with Renee’s homeschool coaching. 

I began our session with more than a little anxiety about how to make what I knew in my heart unfold in real life. I left our time together with a surge of confidence, a reassuring calmness and a long list of ideas for next steps in our home school journey.

~ Roxy

If you think one-on-one coaching is better for your situation please read my coaching page. I’ve updated it a bit with more recent information and testimonials.

I look foward to meeting and talking with you. To help you discover and experience the joy in learning, living and growing together.

PS. If you have specific questions about how this will work please ask them in the comments.

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This is so exciting, Renee!

This is so exciting, Renee! If I was just beginning in homeschooling, I would definitely be signing up for this. When we first started homeschooling, we went to a convention and took some classes which were all very helpful! Enjoy!

This will be our fourth year

This will be our fourth year homeschooling (son is 8, daughter is 6), but I don't necessarily feel like we've found our rhythm yet and I also could use advice on homeschooling multiple kids at once (daughter was kindergarten age last year so we were pretty lax in that regard). Would this course be appropriate for our situation? I am comfortable with our homeschooling style and curriculum choices, just need advice on organization, motivation, etc.

Good on you Renee. I must say

Good on you Renee. I must say I love your instagram pics on the side and your twitter links. It really helps me grow my relationship with this blog and your family and fills in some gaps without needing to be part of facebook or twitter...thought you'd like the feedback :-)

Hope it doesn't fill up too

Hope it doesn't fill up too quickly! I watch my niece and nephews on Saturday mornings - I have to see if they can be dropped off a little later :)

I am homeschooling my oldest

I am homeschooling my oldest who is almost 4 for "preschool" this year. I am looking for a pre-reading curriculum, but I'm really struggling with making any decisions. I would love some feedback. Although the ages are 5-8, would this be appropriate for me? I have another little girl who is 2, and I'm sure she will want to participate in a lot of activities. My dream is to have some structure in our mornings with school, planned activities and an outline for the year. I am considering purchasing curriculum, because I don't want to spend hours every evening preparing. I know this is a time commitment, but I am looking for balance I guess. And perspective in that she is only 4, we want lots of free play and creative time too.

Wow, thank you so much for

Wow, thank you so much for the long and detailed response Renee! I do struggle with pushing my oldest too quickly, instead of waiting and letting her "be" four. I have read your preschool information a while ago, but I will read it again. I think I get wrapped up in the fact that most children (that I know of) in our community attend a preschool before they attend school, so I need to be structured in providing something similar at home. There's some sort of pressure there, although I know that I don't need to follow everyone else, we can do our own thing. Last year, I started out trying to implement a "curriculum" but we ended up doing life together. Pretty much exactly how you described it: baking, cleaning, free play, outdoor walks and play, reading together, play dates, library time etc. It really was a wonderful year.

In saying all of that however, my struggle is intentionally creating some structure and rhythm to our days. I would like to implement more creative art time, but I feel like I need to plan it. Or I don't have things in our house set up for it. (We live in a 630 sq foot home.) I need to move out some of the toys to make room for other things. I am very inspired reading your posts about living in the chalet. I am not very organized in actually following through with purging toys and stuff to make room for other things that I believe are more important.

So, I would love it if you did a group preschool coaching session! I could use help with creating rhythm to our days without a structured curriculum to help. Also, how to create an environment that promotes exploration and creative thinking. I would love to learn about how preschool can actually work in your home, while having a routine or rhythm that flows through the week. Thank you for all of your advice and help! I am passing your link along to others and definitely have others in mind that may in interested in a preschool coaching session. Thanks again!

Thanks so much Renee for your

Thanks so much Renee for your input. I have been catching up on your preschool posts and will keep my eyes open for a preschool group session. I can't wait to sign up!

Hi Renee! I just signed up

Hi Renee! I just signed up for this class, I was worried its gonna fill up too fast. I'm just researching the topic of homeschooling. I found your beautiful blog couple of weeks ago and can't stop reading it since then - so much information! I have 3 daughters: 4 year old, 2,5 year old and 6 months old. My DH and I are really interested in homeschooling our kids, but I have a lot of questions. Looking forward to it. Olga

I have a 1 year old and 3

I have a 1 year old and 3 year old and have only recently begun considering and researching homeschooling. I love the idea and theory of it, though I feel nervous about taking on the task.

P.S. I've only recently discovered your blog but am totally enjoying your posts, not to mention the beauty of where you live. So lucky to be nestled in the mountains, by a river, living in a chalet.

Will you eventually do a

Will you eventually do a class for older kids? Mine are 11 and 9. I have been homeschooling since day one. However, now that my kids are getting older, I feel that it's getting a bit more "serious". I would love some advice. Also, even with setting up some routines and structure.


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